About Us


Growing up getting dirty, sweaty, sandy, and muddy was simply a part of life! My cars were my ride to adventure, and every beach trip, run, hike, and swim took a toll on the car seats!

Then came kids: It was after a trip to the pool -hair wet, bathing suits dripping- that I grabbed a piece of leaky plant plastic leftover from the local hardware store and stuffed all of us on that. When home, I opened the car door to air out the seats, blotted with a towel, and undid the booster seat strings, grommets, and elastic and spent the next 2 hours washing and re-installing them. There HAD to be a better way!  Scouring the internet, we found nothing that covered our needs:




*Under a Minute Install

*Did Not Cover Side Airbags

*Allowed for Heated and Cool Seats

*Could be Stored in the Door Pocket/Under the Seat

*Just Needed Wiping

*Protect Both Cloth and Perforated Seats


So, we created Sporty Seats Seat Savers!

We have been featured on TV (NBC and CBS travel and safety specials), in magazines, newspapers, and with popular athletic & family bloggers.

We are proudly made in the U.S.A. and our business and factory are in KY.