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About Us

Growing up getting dirty, sweaty, sandy, and muddy was simply a part of life! My cars were my ride to adventure, and every beach trip, run, hike, and swim took a toll on the car seats!

Then came kids: It was after a trip to the pool -hair wet, bathing suits dripping- that I grabbed a piece of leaky plant plastic leftover from the local hardware store and stuffed all of us on that. When home, I opened the car door to air out the seats, blotted with a towel, and undid the booster seat strings, grommets, and elastic and spent the next 2 hours washing and re-installing them. There HAD to be a better way!  Scouring the internet, we found nothing that covered our needs:


  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Under a Minute Install
  • Did Not Cover Side Airbags
  • Allowed for Heated and Cool Seats
  • Could be Stored in the Door Pocket/Under the Seat
  • Just Needed Wiping
  • Protect Both Cloth and Perforated Seats


So, we created Sporty Seats®  Seat Savers!

We have been featured on TV (NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS travel and safety specials), in magazines, newspapers, and with popular athletic & family bloggers.

We are proudly made in the U.S.A. and our business and factory are in KY.