About Us


Growing up getting dirty, sweaty, sandy, and muddy was simply a part of life! My cars were my ride to adventure, and every year the car's seats got messier, smellier and stained.

In keeping a spirit of adventure alive, my kids climb trees, play soccer, baseball, gymnastics, swim, play, and run.  It was after a trip to the pool, when both kids-hair wet, bathing suits dripping- needed to fit in their booster seats and this could not happen wrapped in a towel.  I grabbed a piece of leaky plant plastic leftover from the local hardware store and stuffed them on that. When home, I opened the car door to air out the seats, undid the strings, grommets, and elastic for the car seat and spent the next 2 hours washing and re-installing them.

There HAD to be a better way!

I wanted something simple- a car seat cover that was easy but convenient, waterproof, quick to install, lightweight, comfy and something I could wipe and go. I did not want something permanent, so easy on and easy off was crutial.  I also needed to ensure that kids and adults could buckle their belts with no bulky obstacle. Since I could not find anything- I created it!  Sporty Seats was born!

We have three categories of Seat Savers: Sporty Seats and Kid Seats are made of quality laminate fabrics coated on the surface with soft waterproof layers of BPA free laminate. These top notch fabrics are incredibly flexible.  Work Seats are sturdy with waterproofing on the inside of canvas.  All offer a patent pending elastic design which fits on all types of headrests including trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans.

We are proudly made in the U.S.A.  and are committed to providing you with a quick, hassle-free way to enjoy all activities while keeping your ride clean!  You don’t have to be an athlete to get dirty; you just need life!

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