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Who are Sporty Seats for?

Anyone who needs temporary car/truck/van/SUV seat protection! Families, Athletes, Tradesmen, Gardeners, Elderly…let us know how you use your Sporty Seats!

Please Note: Kid Seats are not made for baby car seats.
Prior to use with a booster seat, consult the booster seat manufacturer documents to ensure proper compatibility. Kid Seats are designed to fit on top of a booster seat. Kid Seats should never be placed between a booster seat and the actual car seat unless authorized by the manufacturer of the booster seat.

What are Sporty Seats made of?

Sporty Seats and Kid Seats are made of soft laminated cotton. Laminate is applied to the outer face of the fabric. The laminate polyurethane provides extreme waterproof durability and fray resistance. The product is flexible, super soft, lightweight and foldable. The clear laminate makes cleaning a breeze.

Besides being super comfy, laminated cotton is environmentally friendly:

  • BPA free, PVC free, Lead-free
  • Polyurethane does not support fungal/mold/mildew growth
  • Greener alternative to PVC (vinyl)

Work Seats use vinyl coated canvas fabric. Clear Vinyl is applied to the inner face of the fabric. The vinyl provides extreme waterproof durability and fray resistance. The product is flexible, lightweight, and foldable. With the clear vinyl on the inside, you can be sure that mess won’t penetrate your seats. Canvas will hold oils, grease, gas, sweat, and cement at bay from seat staining. If desired, just toss in the wash and go.

What size are the seat covers?

Each seat cover is a single seat and can accommodate the driver seat, passenger seat, or any seat that has a headrest.

How do Sporty Seats attach?
Can I use this as a pet seat cover?
How do I clean Sporty Seats and Kid Seats?
How do I clean Work Seats?
What is your warranty?

We want you to be fully satisfied with your “Made in the USA” Sporty Seat, Work Seat, Kid Seat. If the manufacturing of the product fails you outside of normal wear and tear, let us know. We are happy to work with you to review the issue and make it right.  As such, we have a generous 5-year warranty on the following:

1) Elastic attachment binding
2) Fraying
3) Water resistance and element resistance

Excluded from this warranty: puncture, rip or tear caused by sharp objects (scissors, knife, claws, other sharp objects), corrosion caused by caustic chemicals (including bleach), rope tote zipper bag

Can I still feel my car seat heat and car seat AC?


Do you have a return policy?

We hope you love your Sporty Seat brand! However, we accept return notification within the first 30 days of shipment of your order. Use the return form found on “Contact Us.” Provide contact information on return product. Product must be received in “like new” manner. After review of the product, we will credit your account in the manner in which you paid within 10 business days.


  • Custom orders may not be returned or exchanged (unless workmanship failure).
  • Contractor packs have specially discounted pricing. Unless failure of workmanship, we will provide you with store credit. If failure of workmanship (elastic binding, fray, water resistance), we will ensure you are fully satisfied with a refund or exchange.
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