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PBS Trip Sisters



“Trip Sisters Colleen Kelly and Catie Keogh” were on-air with Aaron Schlein – Travel Expert & Blogger, talking about “Multi-Generational Travel” on WLS-AM (Chicago) and WLSAM.com and TripSisters.com on April 26th highlighting Sporty Seats! Colleen Kelly is the Host, Creator and Executive Producer of the popular Emmy-nominated National PBS Television Series, “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly.” which airs in over 96% of the country to 17 million viewers.  Catie Keogh is an Emmy Award Winning Host and Executive Producer. She is co-host of the television and WLS-AM 890 radio series and podcast, “Trip Sisters.” She is also the executive producer of “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly,” which airs nationally on PBS.

 “Sporty Seats are great because with kids they create a big mess in the back no matter what you do; there is all sorts of stuff…there’s Cheetos…there’s all sorts of stuff. These car seat savers are great because they are vinyl-backed canvas and they are great for families and commuters to keep the car clean daily and road trips. Katie and I went on a road trip several years ago with our kids and the van was destroyed by the time we got home…it was disgusting. My husband did not want to let our daughter in his car, for years, because he likes a perfect car and I could have used these seats. M and M’s smushed, goldfish…goldfish are everywhere! I still find goldfish and french fries from Mc Donald’s from circa 2015. These are called Sporty Seats and can be found at Sporty Seats.com and are $29. Are they cute? Yes- there’s alligators and all different colors so the kids like it because there’s things for kids. And if you don’t have kids, there are solid colors too!”

Southern Boating Magazine



“Sporty Seats vehicle seat protectors keep seats clean after a day on the boat, at the beach, working out, and more. They are 100 percent waterproof, anti-fungal, repel sweat and smell, and the elastic design fits on all headrests. Lightweight and quick to install, the convenient cover can be used in cars/trucks/vans/SUVs with heated or cooled seats and is easily wiped clean or machine washable. Available in cotton laminate or rugged canvas. Made in the U.S.”

WMAR-TV is the ABC affiliate for the Baltimore market

Earth Day Special/Environmentally Friendly Products


Sporty Seats are seat savers that protect your car from daily messes, wear, and tear..things like that. They are reusable, they are made of a soft waterproof cotton laminate which protects everything like your post-sweaty workout, muddy kids, ketchup spills on family road trips. Kids are a mess and now they are clean! You can put this over your seat and then take it off. Just pop it in the washer! There you go!”

KCTV-TV is a CBS affiliate for Kansas City, MO

Tracey the Safety Lady’s Segment on Auto Safety and Security

“In good or bad weather, you want to make sure you have the right gear along for the ride to keep you and your family safe. We have Tracey the Safety Lady joining us with different products to help with just that! I need a lot of help in this department because I feel like I want to keep my kids safe out these…we still have kids in car seats and that is kind of where we are going to start at. The first thing you have here is Sporty Seats. Sporty Seats is a car seat cover and the benefit is that it is coated and yet not slippery. A lot of car seat covers you can slip and slide, that is not necessarily safe, you are distracted wondering if the kids are spilling ice cream and you don’t have to worry about that.  This is an easy seat and you can get them in cotton or canvas, and it doesn’t block the side airbags. Sporty Seats does not block the side airbags! It goes right on top of the booster seat – like a cover- it is easy to install, and it is ready to go!”

KPNX-TV is NBC affiliate for AZ market

Mom Minute: The Best Products for Smooth Travel with the Kids

“Summer is almost here and that means vacation! Today in our Mom’s Minute we have tips on what to travel with. If you have kids, this is Sporty Seats! They are really simple; you open it up and put it right on your car…it covers the whole car seat which is great! They are seat savers and will help you keep your car clean and on the go! The elastic design goes right around the headrest and comes in a ton of colors and you can find them at Sporty Seats.com!”

News4Jax.com is an independent provider in Jacksonville, FL

River City Live Winter Essentials

“We’ve all heard stories about kids in the car messing up our seats! So, Sporty Seats was created by a mom who was looking for a way to protect her seats but have an easy install because you know a lot of times you try and put the covers on and you’re wrestling them.  It is easy for non-technologically gifted people like me! You just slip it over the headrest, and it pops right on. It is BPA free laminate, easy to clean, and it fits nicely. You have all these awesome colors for the kids but there is some camo for the dads!”

News4Jax.com is an independent provider in Jacksonville, FL

River City Live Father’s Day Gift Guide

“This time around we will be covering boys and their toys! Check out Sporty Seats! Dad drives around a lot and he likes to keep the car clean and yells at you if you don’t! Sporty Seat covers are helpful for that. Whether it is day to day wear and tear on the car or you’re going to the beach and getting in with a wet bathing suit, this keeps our seats nice and clean. It is at Sporty Seats.com; they retail at $29.00 and look at those styles! And if your kid plays any type of sport and comes in after the rain, the mud…that’s want you want to protect your car from.”

WDAF-TV is the FOX affiliate for the Kansas City, MO market

Rochester Magazine

River City Live Father’s Day Gift Guide

Sporty Seats.com helps you keep your seat clean as you hop in and out of the car with the best seat savers in cotton laminate and Work Seats in vinyl backed canvas! A must have for all families for road trips, to jump in the car after swimming, a day at the beach or lake, after sports practice, after a sweaty workout and more!”

Parenting in Progress

Man-approved Valentine’s Gifts for Guys

“Get into your car and clean it out to get organized! Sporty Seats, Kid Seats, and Work Seats are a great fit for commuters, for road trips, and to add into the vehicle daily for families on the go- getting in and out of their vehicle.  These new “seat saver” solutions called Sporty Seats are made of quality laminate fabrics which are coated on the surface with soft waterproof layers of BPA free laminate.  All products offer a patent-pending elastic design which fits all types of headrests. Quick to install, these sample solutions fit nicely into your vehicle allowing ease when buckling your seatbelt with no obstacles.  They are convenient, waterproof, comfortable and can be wiped on the go. Each seat cover is a single seat and approximately 28”x67” and extends past the headrest to the floorboards in cars/trucks/vans/SUVs.  They are a great gift idea for any guy who loves his car and wants to keep it looking great.”

Arkansas Gazette

Sporty Seats

What’s to love: Colorful laminated fabric covers help protect car upholstery from a family’s sweaty little athlete or a toddler’s dropped sippy cup.”

What does it do: The seat covers are made of cotton with a laminate polyurethane applied to the outer face of the fabric. The laminate helps make the seat savers liquid and mold resistant. The covers are 68-by-27.5-inches and are soft and pliant, making them easy to fold up and put away when not in use. The seat covers are available in several patterns and colors and sell for $29. More information is at sportyseats.com.”

Mommy’s Block Party

“I love to be on the go with my kiddos, especially in the summers. Museums, pools, parks, and more.  When we’re outside, I let my boys be kids. They can get a little muddy or splash in some puddles after the rain. How do I get them in the car though if they’re all dirty for the short 10-minute ride home before a shower? Sporty Seats!

Whether it is your kids getting dirty or wet after playing in puddles or swimming or you working and getting dirty yourself, Sporty Seats are perfect for you. They were created after finding it difficult to put kids in booster seats using the products that were already out there. No car seat cover is easier to install than Sporty Seats.”

The Hollywood Digest

Novelty and Practical Gift Guide: Items People Need and Want But Didn’t Know It

“Okay, this one is practical, but it is a necessity if you rely on a car, especially a car that you use to transport kids. Cars get wet, dirty, and smelly. While sometimes you think ahead and put down a towel or a tarp, they don’t always do the trick. Sporty Seats are simple car seat covers that are easy on and off and do not impede safety at all. They are made of quality laminate fabrics with waterproof layers of BPA free laminate.  Sporty Seats come in a variety of colors and are designed to fit all types of headrests. Made in the U.S.A.”

Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine

The Editor selected, reviewed and featured Sporty Seats in “Trending Giftables” in their June issue of Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine!

“These days, consumers are all about going on adventures and gaining valuable life experiences. These giftable make traveling, exploring and getting outdoors easier: Car Seat covers for active lifestyles: Sporty Seats at SportySeats.com

Born to Impress

“Sporty Seats Is for the person who enjoys spending time outdoors and could use a little help to protect the seats of the car, I have two words: Sporty Seat!

The Sporty Seat is for anyone: parents of kids who like to go to the pool or beach, football parents and players, soccer players, coaches, tennis players, and anyone who likes an active life but also wants to protect their car.

The reality is that life happens, and when you are driving with a car full of kids, messes are inevitable. Yes, we are soccer parents, and you do not want to know the kind of abuse our car seats see! If you are in a similar situation and looking for a simple solution that can be easily installed and put away and that can protect your car from mud, kids, and everything that comes your way, Sporty Seats might just be the perfect solution.

Easy, compact, waterproof, quick to install, lightweight, and comfortable, these user-friendly car seats are great for keeping in the trunk of your car and grabbing any time you need a layer of protection for your car seats. They are available in different prints to match your lifestyle and come in fabrics coated with soft, waterproof layers of BP-free laminate or a sturdy canvas material with waterproofing on the inside.

Featuring a patent-pending elastic design that fits on all types of headrests, including those in trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans, these covers are quickly installed and removed. They also come in a convenient clear case that allows you to store them in your car without much space.

Sporty Seats are made in the U.S.A. and have a retail price of $29.00″

Beautiful Touches

“Candy is sweet, but a clean car is sweeter!

100% waterproof, under a minute install and incredibly durable, Sporty Seats will be your next “must have” for sports, kids, outdoor enthusiasts, and rain!

Sporty Seats, LLC’s office and factory are in Kentucky. We are proud to be made in the USA and supporting USA’s small businesses!

Canvas Work Seat Savers, Kid Seat Savers, Sporty Seat Savers”

Mom Does Reviews 

“When the weather is nice, we tend to go a lot of places as a family. And during the hot months, the pool is where we like to spend the most time! But between being wet from the pool, sweaty and greasy from the sunscreen, and even the sandbox the youngest likes to play in, we tend to be messy for the car ride home. That’s when the Sporty Seats become life savers! I can put one on every seat (even my own) to limit not only the mess on my seat but making it easy for clean up and not getting stains on my seats.

Sporty Seats are laminated fabrics made to fit over your car seats. They slip easily over the headrest and do not interfere when buckling the seat belt or installing a car seat. They are available in dozens of designs and colors.

I also keep one of the Kids Seats by Sporty Seats in the car with my extra car seat in case one of the grandkids is going along with us. After a trip to the beach on vacation? While I may still have to get the rental car vacuumed to remove the sand from the floorboards, at least the seats are kept in great shape! And there are several patterns and colors to choose from to suit everyone.”

My Four and More

Sporty Seats, which includes Sporty Seats, Kid Seats, and Canvas Work Seats, are car seat covers that are quick and easy to install, as well as comfortable, convenient, lightweight and waterproof. The Sporty and Kid Seats are made from soft, laminated cotton, while the Canvas Work Seats are crafted from strong canvas and durable fabric. Sporty and Kid Seats come in several patterns that adults and kids will love.”

Woman of Many Roles

March 16, 2019jacquiodellHousehold

“If there is anything I know about cars, it is that the seats can get downright dirty in a flash. Especially if you have kids! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to protect your car seats in a flash for those messy times, like trips to the beach, ice cream on the road, or an especially muddy football game for the kids?

With Sporty Seats you can do just that. These are great for keeping in the car for when life might get messy on the open road. You can slip the Sporty Seat on in under a minute and put all of your worries about spills, dirt, muck, and mud behind you.

These are great for kid seats, and they have adult seat covers too which are perfect for people who get dirty at work but aren’t looking to make the dirt a permanent part of their car.

Sporty Seats retail for under $30 and are a great investment to make for your car. They can be wiped clean after use and pulled out and put on anytime you need protection for your car seats.

I love how easy to use they are and how cute the assorted prints are. There are numerous styles to make protecting your seats from dirt a fashionable affair.”

Adventures of a Frugal Mom

“Luckily I have @sporty_seats seat covers to contain mess. I love how easy they are to clean with a damp cloth.

 The laminate cotton is a great material with easy wiping! I have a friend that used the Sporty Seats under a pet car carrier- she found out the hard way that her pet carrier was not leakproof! #carseatcovers#adventuresfrugalmom#sportyseats”

Memphis Parent

Memphis Parent is Memphis’ parenting monthly magazine that offers information for parents about raising children in the mid-South. Your #1 Guide for raising children in the Mid-South, Memphis Parent is written for parents, childcare givers, teachers and other adults who are invested in our children’s future. Contains articles exploring financial issues, medical and health concerns, and education.

“Memphis Parent’s Hump Day Giveaway! This week’s giveaway is perfect for the busy, active parent with active kids. From our friends Sporty Seats!  A product you are going to wish you had sooner!”