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Sporty Seats, Work Seats and Kid Seats are not meant for permanent seat covers; they are temporary seat covers designed to protect your car seats from wetness, dirt, smell and grime. When not in use, use the provided rope tote and place in car door.

Prior to use with a booster seat, consult the booster seat manufacturer documents to ensure proper compatibility. Kid Seats are designed to fit on top of a booster seat. Kid Seats should never be placed between a booster seat and the actual car seat unless authorized by the manufacturer of the booster seat.

Each Sporty Seat, Work Seat, Kid Seat is warranted for 5 years on the following:
1) Elastic attachment binding- we attach our elastics tightly and you should never experience elastic parting from the laminated cotton or canvas.
2) Fraying- polyurethane coatings allow for fabric seams to be well – seamless! You should never experience fraying of the fabric.
3) Water resistance and element resistance- your Sporty Seat, Work Seat or Kid Seat should provide you with personal car seat coverage, keeping your car seat dry and clean on area covered. Always.
4) Excluded from this warranty: puncture, rip or tear caused by sharp objects (scissors, knife, claws, other sharp objects), corrosion caused by caustic chemicals (including bleach), care taken that does not adhere to wash guidelines (ex: drying in heated dryer vs. line dry), rope tote zipper bag

1) We hope you love your Sporty Seat brand! However, we accept return notification within the first 30 days of shipment of your order; product must be received by us within 37 days, which allows an additional week for your shipping convenience. Use the return form found on “Contact Us.” Provide contact information on return product. Product must be received in “like new” manner. After review of the product, we will credit your account in the manner in which you paid within 10 business days.
2) Custom orders may not be returned or exchanged (unless workmanship failure).
3) Contractor packs have specially discounted pricing. Unless failure of workmanship, we will provide you with store credit. If failure of workmanship (elastic binding, fray, water resistance), we will ensure you are fully satisfied with a refund or exchange.


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