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Robyn B. - Exercise Enthusiast

Who knew yoga could be so sweaty? I love my Sporty Seat to keep my seat clean! The laminated cotton is beautiful and strong!

Skyler McM. - Super Mom

With kids at the pool, dance and on the ball field, my van starts to look like a locker room! Kid Seats are fun patterns and comfortable – my kids want to sit on them and it helps my car stay cleaner.

Ray B. - Roofer and Paver

I love my canvas Work Seat! In my job, we get dirty…really dirty. We are issued work trucks that also function as our personal vehicle.  After work I have oil and grease on me and it gets on the seats and armrest, but if I take my wife out I have to figure out a way to get the seats clean! Instead of scrubbing my seats with Karnak, I can use my canvas Work Seat and slide the elastic over my headrest and go! 

Jon C. - Transportation Coordinator

Love my Work Seat cover, thanks again!

Katie H. - Hairdresser and mom of future softball stars

This is awesome for my little athletes. Sometimes I honestly think they try to get as dirty as possible...but now I don't care!  All I have to do is throw on my Sporty Seat and it keeps all that dirt, dust, and sweat off of my black interior. Highly recommend this!